Group members

Our motivated team of researchers.

  • Chris Mount

    M.D., Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow,

  • Simon Gritsch

    M.D., Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Toshiro Hara

    Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Nick Gonzalez

    M.D., Ph.D, Instructor

  • Masashi Nomura

    M.D., Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Liz Perez

    Graduate student, Systems Biology

  • Dana Silverbush

    Ph.D., Post-doctoral Fellow

  • Vamsi Mangena

    Graduate student, MIT

  • Sydney Dumont

    Research Techinician

  • Lilly Bussema

    Research Technician

  • Channing Pooley

    Research Technician

  • Nicholas Druck

    Research Technician

  • Jun Zhong

    Lab Manager

  • Mario L. Suvà

    M.D., Ph.D., Principal Investigator


The Suvà laboratory is focused on the biology of brain tumors, in particular diffuse gliomas in adults and children. We dissect how cellular heterogeneity and plasticity contribute to tumor properties. We study primary human samples at single-cell resolution and establish genetically and epigenetically relevant cellular models from patient tumors. We model how brain cancer cells exploit their plasticity to establish distinct epigenetic programs. We seek to identify common programs that would offer novel therapeutic options in these dismal diseases.



We currently have 3 lines of investigation.

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